Sep 3, 2013

The Death of Cable TV

Cable TV sucks.

Crappy service, cable boxes from the 1980's, 2,000 channels you will never watch and a monthly bill that rivals a mortgage.

Kevin Spacey doesn't like it either - see what he has to say about cable TV and the future of the entertainment business.

It's no wonder 30 million American's now subscribe to Netflix. It's only $7.99/month, I can watch shows any time and the quality of the content is great.

Compare that to Time Warner Cable. I pay $190/month, our cable boxes are made by Scientific Atlanta (WTF is that?) and we have over 2,000 worthless channels that I will never watch.

And did I mention I can't watch my favorite show (Dexter) because Time Warner and Showtime are in a dispute? What a total fuc*king joke!

The entire cable and television industry is an embarrassment to progress. Why can't I just pay for the channels I want? Most of the channels and new shows are awful. And why can't Time Warner partner with a real technology company like Samsung, Apple or Dell?

In a recent speech Kevin Spacey explains how the television and entertainment industry can fix the problems they have with pilot shows and inefficient distribution by doing one simple thing... giving customers what they want.

In his speech, Spacey explained that every network turned down House of Cards because they didn't believe in the project. The only company that would take on the project was Netflix.

Spacey's speech was brilliant but simple. He's right and the question isn't if traditional television is dying, it's when it will die. With companies like Netflix gaining popularity and tech companies like Apple and Google with deep pockets it's only a matter of time when the new takes over the old.

Out With The Old ...
CBS (CBS) - $30.9 billion
Time Warner Cable (TWC) - $30.7 billion
Disney (DIS) - $108.7 billion

... In With The New
Netflix (NFLX) - $16.7 billion
Google (GOOG) - $282 billion
Apple (APPL) - $442.6 billion

Google is worth more than CBS, Time Warner and Disney combined. Well, actually, Google is worth $111.7 billion more than CBS, Time Warner and Disney combined.

Customers like Netflix better and so do producers and actors. It's only a matter of time until the big technology companies decide to take over the television industry.

It will happen faster than you think.