Sep 13, 2013

Want to Clean Up Your Financial Mess? Follow Dave Ramsey's Advice

There are a lot of talking heads and financial "experts" out there, but if you're looking for solid, practical advice to get  your finances in order I highly recommend following Dave Ramsey.

Dave has been helping people clean up their financial messes for over 20 years. If you need helping turning things around I think he's the best resource out there.

The thing that sets Dave Ramsey apart is that he doesn't suggest easy fixes.

  • Want to get out of credit card debt? Work harder, spend less and pay them off.
  • Want to save money for a down payment? Work harder and save money.
  • Want to retire early? Work harder, save money early, invest conservatively.

There are so many pundits and experts out there who are focused on using debt wisely, refinancing and picking "winning" stocks. The vast majority of these talking heads make suggestions that don't require any pain.

Dave on the other hand suggests the opposite. If you want to clean up your financial mess and create wealth you have to make sacrifices. Live below your means. Get a second job. Skip vacation and stop going out to dinner.

Quite frankly most Americans don't want to hear how hard it is to get things right. They want a quick fix and the easy way out. But if you're one of the few who is serious about getting out of debt and working toward financial freedom then Dave is the guy for you.

Dave Ramsey's advice is clear, easy to understand and it works. However, his advice is also practical and will require you to look in the mirror and make sacrifices and tough decisions. But if you're serious about cleaning up your financial mess, Dave Ramsey is the guy for you.

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